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Appendix V.

Passenger Lift shewn in Fig. 923, designed and manufactured by
Messrs. Waygood and Otis, is a most satisfactory modern appa-
ratus, dispensing with all internal packing by the substitution of
rams for pistons. The central picture is an enlarged section of
the working cylinder A and the rams, of which c is the displace-
ment ram, lying within the cylinder and riding vertically upon the
power ram D, the last being held rigidly by bolts E E and cross-
head F. Pressure is admitted to space G, and only displacement

51      l    50   59   68   78   %   95   104   H3   122. 131   140 14
39-1                           TEMPERATURES

water lies between A and c. Upon the latter is always a minimum
pressure due to weights H, which balance the greater portion of
the lift ram and cage/ the unbalanced weight being necessary
on the cage side to bring the lift down when water in G is opened
to exhaust. The buffers j j are a precaution, but are not rested
upon as a rule.

Referring now to the general drawing : the cage K rises from
the basement to a third floor in the example given, or a total of
52 feet. The controlling valve L is worked from the cord K